MUSHROOMHEAD! at the Haven 3-3-13

Somebody please tell me why we must endure this silly time change thing every six months!  Get home at 3:00am and it”s really 4:00am, think you”re waking up early at 9:00am and it”s already 10:00 am.. blah!  For an entity that”s notoriously late for everything anyway, this spring forward crap really screws us up.  Okay, now that we”ve had a chance to vent; let”s move forward… or backward… or whichever… 

When Stuart Ross asked Rose her opinion of last Sunday night’s Mushroomhead show at The Haven, and all we could think to say was “it was one sickfukn amazingly maniacal show”.  If you were there, you know exactly what we mean.

THIS is what you get when SickfuknRoss Productions, Maniacal Mojo, and Sick World Radio combine forces at the one and only HAVEN Lounge. Mushroomhead Pit

The show opened with FIELDS OF GLASS, marking this as the first without Fenris up front.  But, as with all things in life, there are cycles and seasons, forever shifting, changing and growing; so it is with Fields of Glass.  And while one warrior moves on to answer another calling, the army will remain steadfast and continue the battle.  We wish Fenris many victories and much peace along his journey, meanwhile we anticipate awesome new adventures in the future for Fields of Glass.

20130303_192116Next up, BORN FROM ASHES… There’s no band working their asses off any harder than BFA right now.  Good god, they’re playing everywhere!  And the momentum continues to grow as they deliver each show with more energy than the last. They have an infectious aura about them…. they look like they’re having a hell of good time up there…. and so do the fans in the pit.  The band has a very distinctive sound; your ears just know when it’s Born From Ashes.  It’s this definition from everyone else”s band and dedication to the music that will see their fan base continue to grow.  With the expected release of their debut CD later this year; we predict something big is about to break for them…  

LYDIA CAN’T BREATH…. A band we’ve heard a lot about, but this was the first time we had a chance to see them. Lydia Can’t Breath is a unique mix of sounds and genres. They initially put you in a funk/groove kinda mood, then suddenly hammer you with some pretty outstanding metal riffs and heavy breakdowns. The band is on tour all over the country with Mushroomhead, and we look forward to seeing them again when they return home to Central Florida.

20130303_210138 GEMINI SYNDROME… Yep!  We”ve said it before and we”ll say it again… Ms. Rose loves to find her surprise in the box of Crackerjack”s.  Don”t know why Gemini Syndrome has remained under our radar for so long, but now that we”ve seen them, we will be paying attention.  They are a relatively new L.A. based band, formed in 2010, with matiblegame black”, “avant garde”;”>some major experience under their belts.  Front man, Aaron Nordstrom, previously guitarist for OTEP,  is at the helm of Gemini Syndrome with his amazing vocals.  Aaron is backed by guitarists Rich Juzwick and Mike Salerno, bassist Alessandro Paveri, and drummer Brian Steele Medina.  All adding up to an incredibly hard edge, yet interestingly melodic package.

 Gemini Syndrome                   20130303_210112

Toronto based, FINAL TRIGGER is also on tour with Mushroomhead all around the country.  This band very adeptly combines metal and hip hop; a feat attempted by other bands, but in our opinion not often done really well.  Re-listening to Final Trigger”s “Corporate Bullshit” while writing this post, and we have to say they do this thing right.  

MUSHROOMHEAD….For two decades this band had donned their masks and driven their metal into the hearts and brains of their followers.  With something like 11 albums, thousands of shows, and millions of fans, they are as brilliantly insane as ever.  What else is there to say?  This is Mushroomhead, and it doesn”t get much sicker than this.

Mushroomhead 2 Mushroomhead 3 Mushroomhead 1

SickFuknRoss Productions and Maniacal Mojo are doing an amazing job bringing national acts together with our awesome local bands.  And they”ve got so much more in store for us, you”re definitely gonna want to be there….

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 Stuart, thanks for sharing the pictures, and we are truly honored that you asked for our damned opinion 