Kill The Sound – Rose’s Review and Chat with Kim Acoustic


Kill the Sound EP Cover

KILL THE SOUND’S self-titled EP was officially released two weekends ago.   The band celebrated at Will’s Pub with a show that included local heavy-hitters Another Life Spared, (N)ception, Takeout, NuEra, and Razors Edge. 

A few days after the show, we had a minute to chat with Kim Acoustic about the band and their new  EP:

Kim:  “Kill The Sound has been a great experience for all of us.  We have fun with the project and try to engage the crowd as much as possible. Our songs not only have a fist pumping, head banging, ass kicking quality to them, but meaningful lyrics behind them for a completely engulfing rock experience.   We want to thank all our friends, family, and fans for supporting us all the way and encouraging us to pursue our dreams.”

Rose:  Is there one song over the others that you are particularly connected to?

Kim:  “Gasoline“, is an important song to the band, and will remain part of our shows for a long time to come.

Rose:  Gasoline is the 4th track on the EP, and the first song that “made me look” so to speak.  Rose  heard it from the parking lot at the Haven one night a year or so ago…  and we couldn’t wait to get inside and see who the hell that band is … this is the song that introduced us to Kill The Sound’s unique sound and their powerhouse live performance.

Kim:  “That is awesome!”

Rose:  Your songs seem to focus on relationships, the good, the bad, and how to survive them?  True?
Kill The Sound Pic

Kim: ” It is good to have someone review the songs, I really want to know what others think, so, be honest…if that is your damned opinion, go for it!”

Rose: Okay we will; here is our opinion of this amazing 6 song EP by Kill The Sound


Kill the Sound’s EP  is a kind of survival guide for the journey through all the emotions and messed up situations we experience in our relationships.   We guarantee there is at least one song on this EP that will force you to purge some feelings about somebody in your past or present world.  

The EP jumps off with the super high energy “Locked Down”.  A hard driving tune with an attitude.  You can’t help but have fun with this one.  

Track 2  “Super Duper” is the realization of the inevitable ending, possible new beginning of  a relationship.  There is no point in hanging on to it when it’s done, let it go and move on, forever changed but for the better.  The message here is punctuated by a “what the hell is wrong with me” growl. It’s like the voice of our own self-doubt… the demon that threatens to defeat us from within.

Track 3 “Alive” makes you move from the first drum beat to the very last note with great hooks throughout.   The line that sticks in our head: “one love, one heart, two really messed up minds” celebrates the all too brief moments in life when you get to connect with another being on some inexplicable level with the optimistic (unrealistic) hope that it might last awhile.  Oops! that may have been too much Rose’s opinion and not the intent of the songwriter…but it is what Rose feels from this song.

 “All You Have to Do is Dream”  once again highlights Kill The Sound’s great energy, catchy rhythms and breakdowns.  And of course, Kim’s one of a kind voice.  Meanwhile the final track, “Kill the Sound” is a simple and beautiful acoustic piece with mesmerizing vocals and haunting melody. 

Kill The Sound EP ReleaseThroughout the EP, the powerful, and beautifully feminine vocals  weave in and out of the drums and guitars in an incredibly enigmatic way to support honest lyrics and head banging tunes.

In our opinion, Kill The Sound, has just begun to kick ass.  The band has been through a number of transitions but continue to move through them, getting stronger with each phase.  They have gained a foothold in the Orlando local scene, through their perseverance, unique sound and high energy shows.  Keep an eye on them, check out their songs on ReverbNation, get a copy of their new EP, and get yourself out there and see them live.