Rose’s Opinion on The Seitanic Spellbook – Vegan Black Metal Chef

The-Seitanic-Spellbook-CoverAs we sit here consuming stir fry poultry with broccoli, we must quietly reflect and ask for forgiveness… “Yay, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of meat” … Oh crap!  Who are we kidding? We are not about to ask the vegan metal gods to forgive our carnivorous sins.  Rose is not a vegan… far from it… we are not even a good quasi vegetarian for that matter.  We do profess a disdain for beef due to the fact that cows were some of our dearest childhood friends.  (unless, of course, there’s a good grilled steak or Yuengling burger grill mastered by Rose’s youngest offspring involved).

But alas, we have already strayed from the path and purpose for this opinion; which is The Seitanic Spellbook, a work recently bestowed upon the masses by the one and only Vegan Black Metal Chef.

We can say that we are somewhat acquainted with the Chef, however, not so much so that we will be unable to give you our true damned opinion of this culinary and literary work of art.  So here we go (pardon us Chef….this may be blasphemy to your dark metal spirit and vegan heart).

As a book, The Seitanic Spellbook is well worth the price and then some.  From the start, It’s dark and beautiful cover bids you to open it and unlock the secrets within.   Once you do, you will feast your eyes upon page after page of delicious photographs that are sure to make your evil taste buds tingle.  Believe me, as a dark foodie, Rose knows that it’s damned hard to take really good looking food pictures.  Our compliments to the Chef for his amazing photography skills!

The spells contained in the hallowed pages of this book are well defined and divided by their cultural inspirations.  Our favorite being the Asian, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern chapters, primarily because they are the easiest to avoid the making of seitan (just add chicken or shrimp if you must…oh no, once again dark Chef, we have sinned).  We are okay with Tofu, but must admit that the making of seitan is actually more work than we desire to do.  However, if you are truly devoted to being or becoming a vegan, read and follow the oracles of inspiration of the Vegan Meat chapter!

What we really love about the recipes is that they are humorously and simply written in the Black Metal tongue, and Chef provides pictures of ingredient packages so you know what the hell to look for as you wander about the Asian market.  His inclusion of variations on the recipes will broaden your vegan world beyond your stomach’s wildest dark dreams, i.e. check out the “Chili of Northern Darkness” chapter.  As a lover of all things Rice, it is most appreciated that there is a “Rice of the Realm” section for most every cultural influence.  Rice and potatoes are the great food equalizers.  Wherever in the world you are from, your roots almost certainly contain one or the other.  Rose’s personal favorite recipes have to be “Where Jambalaya Angels Lie”, “Obscure Brussel Sprouts for the Multiverse” and (we are dying to hear Max Cavalera growl out) “Roasted Roots….Bloody Roots”!  And you know what?  We learned a lot about lemongrass too.  Now we finally know what to do with that flavorful shit!

Getting back to the point, the Seitanic Spellbook really is for the masses.  You don’t have to be vegan, or metal, or a Chef to allow yourself to be enveloped in this cross cultural, inter spiritual food experience.  Immerse yourself in the humor and wisdom, darkness and enlightenment, that is delivered to you upon a spiked silver platter.

We can only hope to have piqued your interest and broadened your brain cells just a sliver with our most unworthy opinion on the merits of the Seitanic Spellbook.  For more, bring your open mind and hearty appetite to  or

Grungefest! hosted by Stereo-Type at The Haven

Grungefest 6-20-14

While the birthplaces of grunge and punk are located a couple of decades apart, they coexist like good neighbors on the same block at Grungefest.  Judging by the support that Stereo-Type is getting from the bands that want to play and the fans that want to listen, the neighborhood is thriving.  Grungefest is set to emerge as a premier showcase for local grunge and punk influenced music.  

Side Note:  In between sets we learned that we really suck at darts.  There are just too many rules in this game for Rose.   Why can’t we get points just for hitting something (anything) on the board and for NOT hitting innocent bystanders with our wayward throws and horrific aim?  Rose should get extra points because everyone survived without severe puncture wounds.  Now, let’s get back to the real reason we’re here … our opinion of the show …

0000  APOLLO RADIO  0000Apollo Radio

Will, Sam and Jackson have blended a variety of styles to create really interesting music that we can’t quite describe.  We went to their BandPage at to hear more.  There we found; “Elephant Man” a song with a decidedly funk feel to it – kind of Chili Pepper-esque if you will; “At Home” – a song with a nice bass lead-in, and a style alternating between punk, grunge, and funk; “Girl in the Water” – sort of retro late 60’s psychedelic rock with a slow intriguing pace, then a quick pick up at the end; “Day Life” is just totally different … like jazzy dinner music in a classy restaurant and served up very well. Apollo Radio’s diversity makes them truly different from the rest of the local scene.  This is definitely a band to keep your eye on.

0000  ON TO OMAHA  0000

On To OmahaOn To Omaha came to life in February of this year.   Grungefest was their first performance and they made a big impression on Rose and everyone else that night. While there is no grunge or punk feel here, this new band has a good solid sound and catchy lyrics that makes you want to hear more.  They have released one single to date, “Reckless Ambition”, which you can check out on YouTube and Bandcamp, and they currently have an EP in the works to be released in late 2014.  Prior to the show, Rose just had to ask the silly question – “Why On To Omaha, if the band is from Orlando?”  to which they replied, “What’s the difference, you can rock wherever!”  We can’t argue with that.  

On To Omaha is:  Vocals – Lawrence Gamble; Guitar – Evan Cain; Guitar – Chris Vis; Bass – Robert Talon; and Drums – Joe Rizkallah.  Check them out on Facebook  at for more info and upcoming shows.  

0000 VAPID 0000Vapid

Vapid brought the grunge to last weekend’s fest.  Vapid is true to their name with a low key stage presence and music that reflects some of the best elements from the 90’s Seattle scene, but with a metal edge that delivers a powerful sound all their own.  Their set included their original songs as well as a nicely done cover of Nirvana’s “Breed”.  We are finding it hard to believe that it’s taken us this long to catch on to Vapid.  We had to learn more, so we checked out their CD “Late Night Blood Pressure Medicine” at  and had to get a copy. Rose’s picks: “Pleasure from Pain” and “Sun Soaked Shadow”.  

Akazia 0000 AKAZIA oooo

Akazia is an Orlando based 5-piece rock band fronted by the very energetic Hannah Siegel, who incidentally has written all the lyrics for their songs.  For a band that has been in existence less than a year, Akazia is stirring up a lot of attention.  If you haven’t heard about them yet, you will very soon.  They were selected “Band of the Month’ in June by, and have a really promising shot at a spot in the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands.  Check them out at and show your support by visiting the Ernie Ball Warped Tour Battle of the Bands site and casting a vote for Akazia at

oooo SHUT UP LITA 0000 Shut Up Lita EP

While Vapid brought the grunge, Shut Up Lita definitely brought the punk to the show.  A combination of three girls and a guy, they rock out good old punk tunes with an updated attitude.  If we could take them back in time, we picture Shut Up Lita at CBGB’s (the birthplace of punk) opening for the likes of the Ramones or Joan Jett.  If you fancy this scene, you’ve got to pay attention to Shut Up Lita.  We picked up a copy of their recently released EP, and have been listening to it all week.  (hmmm… we feel an EP review in the works here)  Shut Up Lita music is on

Abortion Twinsoooo THE ABORTION TWINS oooo

This is the band that you’d want to book for your wedding reception!!  NOT!! Unless your intention is to piss off your new in-laws and give aunt Millie heart failure.   What The Abortion Twins is… is punk music with some hilariously twisted lyrics.  In classic punk fashion everyone gets slammed, even that all-American, squeaky clean good guy Uncle Joey  (aka Dave Coulier).  The Abortion Twins most assuredly will add life to any show.    Dan even joined Stereo-Type for a surprise cover of Chris Issak’s “Wicked Game”.  They will be touring all over Florida in July with the Funk As Puck Tour.  Check out the dates and locations here:

oooo Stereo-Type oooo

StereoTypeCheers to the hosts of Grungefest!  Stereo-Type’s set was full of energy, fun, great music and some very creative change ups and covers.  Stay tuned for our follow-up interview post with Vincent Victor Oath where we had a chance to chat about his inspiration for Grungefest and upcoming events for Stereo-Type.   In the meantime, take a look back at our review of Stereo-Type’s demo posted on April 11, 2014.   

 It does our rotten little heart good to see that the grunge and punk scenes are alive and well.  Kudos to Grungefest for also including some funk infused and pop-core bands in the circle.  The combination of bands made a great show.   Grungefest is back with another incredible line up on July 26th at Tampa’s Brass Mug.      Grungefest 7-26-2014

(de)Absolve – Out of the Void – CD Review

Out of the Void EP Cover

“Out of the Void” 

1. Bereft 

2. The Absence of

3. Stonethrower

4. Phantoms

5. Death is Relevant

6. Onslaught

It’s a bit unusual for Rose to review a CD by a band that she has not yet heard  live, but (de)Absolve already has the support of several musicians that we happen to have much respect for and as always we’re on a quest to learn more and find new music. So, when it was suggested that we review “Out of the Void” we had to jump in like Indiana Jones on a search for treasure.  Well, maybe Rose is more like Monty Python searching for the Holy Grail. Whatever, we don’t care which one you compare us to.  After all, this is our damned opinion…not yours…and it’s not about Rose, it’s about the music.

(de)Absolve’s “Out of the Void” is well worth discovering.  The EP opens with “Bereft”; an immediate attack on the senses with a dramatic dead spot in the midst; we think it’s so you can come up for air and catch your breath in preparation for the next assault.  Then it adds a surprisingly melodic chorus “nothing left toPromo Pic 2 say, set the flame and walk away” (something like that).  Brilliant!

There is no absence of great riffs in “The Absence of”.  The clean & dirty vocals mesh well with the intensity of the overall track.

Stonethrower” is a thick and heavy song that seems to be throwing boulders back at those who would cast stones and pass their unsolicited judgments upon others.

Phantoms” has an appropriately haunting beginning then changes up quickly (can’t help thinking The Faceless here) before the vocals explode.

Promo Pic 1Death is Relevant” comes from the very depths of metal with and unbridled fury, full of everything you want to scream at those who think they are better.  This is a brutal song that gets right to the point.  Yes, death is our common denominator, it’s very relevant, and it sounds really pissed off.

Onslaught” immediately goes for the throat with a sweeping melodic riff and bites you with a healthy death growl, then breaks into more melodic vocals and even adds a cheer of sorts.  While the vocals are a bit out of sync, they add to the intricate fabric that this song is constructed with.

Lyrically, “Stonethrower” is Rose’s pick; but for sheer brutal music value our top pick has to be “Death is Relevant”.

(de)Absolve has put together an EP that most certainly outranks the majority of the local rock scene, and rivals many of the national acts out there.Promo Pic 3

(de)Absolve opens for hed P.E. at Bombshells Tavern on July 16th.  It’s always very cool to have a national act here in Orlando and a great thing for our local bands to open for them; but so sorry hed P.E.…… Rose is going to the show to see (de)Absolve!

In the meantime, check out (de)Absolve and “Out of the Void” at:


Thank you Jamal Alsenady for providing the photos.  And of course, thank you to the entire band for providing the music.

DeAbsolve EP Available

(N)ception – Letters of (N)tent Listening Party

Letters of Ntent cover

A long time ago, in a town not so far, far away….

A town unfortunately credited as being a Disney stepchild more so than a town where awesome metal bands are born;

There was a group of high school guys creating some pretty decent sounds heavily influenced by the Nu-metal bands of the day…

This is probably a pretty similar beginning to most bands that come and go without ever being noticed.  The difference here is that this was the beginnings of something really big and a band that Rose has been acutely aware of since their very (N)ception  (see what I did there?)  

Rose remembers being handed this little EP to listen to all that time ago.  As we listened we thought… this is good, it’s different, we think they’ve got something going on here.  Let’s just see where it goes.  20140601_172241

A few short years later, we saw (N)ception live for the first time at a local venue and were completely floored by the experience and immediately became a fan of the band’s style.  Since then, (N)ception has been noticed in a big way… touring with the likes of Sevendust, and NonPoint and gaining a large fan base in North and Central Florida.  

Fast forward to one week ago Sunday afternoon when we attended the listening party for Letters of (N)tent at Alpaca Ranch Recording Studio.

20140601_172214We got a preview of the unmastered versions of every song on Letters of (N)tent and we can tell you that there is not one track that disappoints. The CD is as heavy and in-your-face as their live show…  there’s nothing diluted here.  Of course, in Rose’s opinion; heavy is infinitely better.  The band’s countless hours in the studio have been well spent refining and defining the energy that (N)ception’s music hurls at you.  

The fact that the band has amassed 15 songs for their first CD is impressive. Even more impressive is the progress of the music itself from the  improvements in songs from the bands early roots like “It Doesn’t Matter” to the composition of the newer songs like “Huntress” and on to the much debated final product of “No Heroes”.  This CD is the perfect culmination of (N)ception’s journey so far.

Hard as we tried, Rose couldn’t pick just one or two favorite tracks; we picked a ½ dozen; “Song 5:7”, “Cleansing”, “(Welcome to) the End”, “It Doesn’t Matter”, “Break Down the Walls”, and the final version (although we liked the acoustic too) of “No Heroes”.  20140601_172611

We have had a blast with Nikk-Uh, Snowflake, Chamo, Fish and Chris Short during our visits to Alpaca Ranch {see our previous post (N)the Studio with (N)ception}. Yours truly probably even has a bit of her own voice included on “It Doesn’t Matter” and maybe even in the intro.   

Letters of (N)tent is everything we expected from (N)ception and more.  As far as we know, the official release date hasn’t been announced yet; but you can bet Rose will be on the spot to get her a copy.

In wrapping up this opinion, we wanted to get you all pumped up for Letters of (N)tent, with what we think is an awesome video from late 2012, filmed by Brilliant Engine, audio by Sick World Radio.


Memorial Day 2014 – Severed By Faith Post Release Party Update


First of all, Rose would like thank all of our veterans; past, present, and future.   While we do not know much about politics or what sort of inhuman malevolence incites governments to plot against one another and sacrifice so many lives in such meaningless pursuits as wealth and power; we are grateful to the men and women of all branches of the U.S. military who are willing to give their lives to protect ours.

Rose: Ben Gardner did a great job getting everyone on board for the CD release party at The West End Trading Company. Rose had an awesome time, as we’re sure everyone else did too.  How do you and the band feel about the turnout and support?

SbF7Severed By Faith:   We’re glad you came out and had a great time!  We had a blast playing that show for sure! The West End, Orlando Bands and of course you, have always been very good to us.  The support was amazing, every band involved was great and the crowd really fed off of everyone’s energy.

Rose:  What was the standout moment of the night for you guys?

Severed By Faith:  Our stand out moment of the show had to be seeing people giving us 110% of their energy.  There were people crowd surfing and moving all night.  We had one guy break his nose in the mosh pit and kept partying even through the pain, which was amazing!

Rose:  Tell us a little about the making of “Undaunted”. Where was it recorded?

SbF5Severed By Faith:  “Undaunted” was recorded at Ponderifica Productions with our good friend Kyle Hoffer.  He did an amazing job and the quality speaks for itself.  The process was pretty easy, we had our songs ready, walked in and tracked everything out.

Rose:  How many studio hours did you put in to complete recording?

Severed By Faith:  In all we did about 5 or 6 in studio sessions anywhere from 5-8 hours at a time.

Rose:  Any great stories or incidents during the making of the CD that you want to share?

SbF4Severed By Faith:  During the recording process we had a lot of fun, Kyle (Hoffer) would edit vocals from time to time and chop them and make something really funny when we would start to get burnt out and and put some fun into the process. It was great working with him. There is a small “Easter Egg” in To The Gallows. During the chant part Nat and Kyle were told to say the chant in their best “Fred Durst voice” and Blake and Joey had to do their best “redneck voice.”

Rose:  Who writes the lyrics, the music, and how does it all come together?

SbF9Severed By Faith:  The lyrics were all written by our vocalist Blake who draws from his own personal experiences when writing.  The music itself was mainly written by our lead guitarist Joey and our drummer Nat but with input from everyone in the band. It truly is a group effort.  Our new material will have more writing influence from our two newest guys, guitarist Mike and bassist Kyle.

Rose:  Who are the biggest influences on Severed By Faith’s sound?

Severed By Faith:  Our biggest musical influences writing the EP would probably be Parkway Drive, For TheFallen Dreams, The Ghost Inside, Suicide Silence and tons of other metalcore bands.  We basically tried to write what we would enjoy listening to and enjoy playing. We really feel we accomplished that.


Rose:  Of course, we want to know what you have lined up next; and what’s the plan for the rest of 2014?

Severed By Faith:  Next on the horizon for us is a show at Bombshells Tavern in Orlando with Black Tide, Kill The Sound and our good friends Catcher And The Rye. That show is on June 28th and we have presales for anyone who needs them.

We want to thank everyone involved with the ep release show, especially you Rose, West End, Ben Gardner and his entire team at and of course all the bands, More Than You Can Bear, F.I.L.T.H. and Catcher And The Rye!

SbF 12014 is looking good, we will have some artwork videos for “Undaunted” hitting YouTube in the next month or so, so be on the look out!  We also plan to hit the east coast and tour it up, possibly with our good buddies in Catcher And The Rye. We are very, very, very excited for what the future and 2014 hold for us.

Make sure you go hit that “like” button at and for booking info you can reach us at!SbFcover

Rose:  Thank you Kyle and Severed By Faith for taking the time to give us this post release party update. 

For the rest of you out there… “Undaunted” is a kick-ass EP, if you have not yet caught on to Severed By Faith’s amazing sound, check them out… NOW!!

Photos Courtesy of Matt Agan, MATLOKMEDIA and Orlando